Farm Guide

1. Welcome to Pioneer Trails Tree Farm!

2. When you first get here, take a few minutes to view our display trees and figure out what type of tree you would like

3. Our Greeters will help you navigate our map and answer any questions

4. Grab a saw - You’re ready to head out!

5. Take a wagon ride or walk out to the fields - If you walk don’t forget to take a sled

6. Find a perfect tree and cut it down - TIMBER!!!!!

7. Make your way back to the Barn with your perfect tree

8. Inside the Barn your tree will be shaked, wrapped, and drilled for free

9. Pick up all your Christmas essentials - Wreaths, Pine Roping, Tree Bag, and Tree Preservative

10. Visit our Cashier window to pay - Cash and Credit cards accepted

11. Then it’s time to go inside and warm up!

12. Be sure to check out our Gift Shop while you’re inside

13. Visit the Concession Stand for a yummy treat

14. Before you head to the parking lot - pick up some free twine at the exit gate

15. Load your tree into your vehicle

16. Have a safe trip home and Merry Christmas !

Farm Map